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  University Imaging Centers offer a comprehensive array of outpatient diagnostic imaging services with patient-friendly offices conveniently located (Sherman Oaks and Tarzana) throughout the valley.

All of our imaging procedures use advanced state-of-the-art, American College of Radiology accredited, imaging technology for unrivaled diagnostic image quality. Our team of imaging professionals, including highly trained physicians and technologists, will perform and interpret all imaging procedures with the utmost precision.

  University Imaging Centers continuously strives to set a higher bar in patient satisfaction and overall experience. UIC has adopted the “Image Gently” mantra for our CAT Scan patients, using the lowest amount of radiation while maintaining the highest quality imaging. Our Radiologist review prescriptions on a daily basis assuring that we provide our “Best Practices” rule utilizing the most appropriate and or alternative imaging tools to assist our referring physicians based on the patients diagnosis.

All of our Radiologists have been highly trained in their specialties providing the referring physician and patient with dedicated expertise in all areas of Radiological interpretation.

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    I have always been conscious of my health due to mild hypercholesteremia. I had the Healthy Cardiac Screen and was impressed, because in 5 minutes the exam was done and was completely pain-free! No prior preparation was required either.

- Kathy Hus


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